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Here is a list of some of the considerations for most Drum Set endorsements. Before applying you want to make sure that in addition to the four pillars listed in the letter prior, that at least a few of these criteria are applicable to your current situation:

∞ Excessive amount of followers / friends / likes / views etc on a (or several) Social Media platform(s) i.e. Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
∞ Decent amount of ‘listens’ for a particular genre on Spotify, Pandora, Band Camp etc
∞ Download/CD/Record Sales approaching decent amounts for a particular genre
∞ Television, studio, movie and video credits
∞ Participation in high visibility tours
∞ Other gear and/or brand endorsements
∞ Teaching credentials from major university or education systems
∞ Large amounts of private students
∞ Major influence on drummers in a specific genre of music