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Here is a list of some of the considerations for most Concert, Orchestral and/or Mallet endorsements. Before applying you want to make sure that in addition to the four pillars listed in the letter prior, that at least a few of these criteria are applicable to your current situation:

∞  Performance experience with high level ensemble(s) and or orchestra(s). 
∞  Teaching experience with a well-respected Educational Institution.
∞  Well-known published works
∞  Degree(s)
∞  Other endorsements (such as heads, instrument manufacturer, cymbals, etc.)
∞  Major influence on percussionists and educators via an educational institution(s) and/or performance ensemble(s).
∞  Substantial amount of followers/friends/likes/views etc on a (or several) Social Media platform(s) i.e. Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Please complete all data that applies to your personal situation. Data requested below may not always be applicable to your personal situation, so just complete that which does.