Here's what you should know...

More than likely you have found yourself here because you are interested in what it takes to get an endorsement with us. Before you get to the business of completing the online application, we thought it might be a good idea to let you know our thoughts on endorsements and the things we consider when deciding who to bring into our family - or not.

The Definition of an ‘Endorsement’
By its basic definition, an ‘endorsement’ means an artist (i.e. performer, educator and/or digital influencer) fully commits to and swears by a particular brand. In other words, that brand's instruments are the best and only product that the Artist wants to play or use. The Artist endorses the company’s brand, not the other way around. The company just acknowledges that endorsement with an official relationship. The idea being that when that relationship is made known to the artist’s fans/students/friends it will influence them to buy more of the same products the artist chooses to play.

Mutually Beneficial
In such a relationship each party benefits from something:
∞The Artist receives professional equipment that he/she believes is the best in supporting or representing his/her musical voice. In addition, they receive the support needed in all relative circumstances.
∞ The Brand sees an increase in sales due to the additional exposure the Artist gives the brand and the consumers he/she influences.

So how does one get an Endorsement with us?
When we approve an endorsement it is an acceptance into our family. That is something we take great pride in, so much so, that we are very selective about who we allow in.

The list of specific criteria depends on which endorsement you are seeking (Drum Set, Marching or Concert/Orchestral/Mallet). However; before we get to that, there are four foundational pillars that all other considerations are built upon:

Personality. Each and every one of our artists has their own personality, but we are truly a family. It is important that each artist signed knows that it is about the relationship. We offer the best artist service in the business. This is because we understand the importance of an artist getting the best tools to make his/her music. In return we only ask that the artist understand that we exist for not just one artist, but many. We work as a family. Yes it is business, but it’s also very personal. It is impossible for it not to be, when you are dealing with any art, but especially music. Looking at our current roster you can see the longevity in which most artists have been with us, and this is a testament to that personal touch.

Exposure. As listed earlier, an artist’s popularity is essential. How much will that particular artist influence the buying public?

Loyalty. Does the artist already play our instruments and/or use our implements?  We love signing people who truly believe in the sound/feel we represent and have already chosen our brand to make their music. Nothing is more respected than when we hear that an artist turned down another endorsement offer because they would rather play and/or wait for an opening with our family.

Talent. We believe in the quality of the many talents we have on our roster. We stand behind our roster and their abilities. We have both legends and future legends on our roster because of just that.

Now that you have a little more of an idea of how we see things regarding endorsements, you can better determine whether you have a similar mindset. Maybe you do… or maybe you will someday. ‘Timing’ is everything in this world we call drumming and percussion. Be honest with yourself and if now is not the time, then consider waiting to apply when it is. In either case, be true to your convictions and keep playing our instruments/implements for all the reasons you are seeking an endorsement. When the timing is right - maybe we will be working together someday!

Best wishes to you and your career,

The Vic Firth Artist Relations Team

I'm Ready!

If you feel now is the right time for you please select the application below that best applies to the bulk of your professional career, complete and hit ‘submit’! Keep in mind that the application is not a contract or agreement and serves only to begin a potential artist relationship with our company.


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